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The road-going PDS354RB has an on-board 5.5hp petrol engine that drives the rolling floor and gear box to the spreader disc.  Make the most of your existing vehicle with this top of the range, professional salt spreader.

An onboard 5.5hp petrol engine – this unit drives the rolling floor and gear box to the spreader disc.

The PDS354RB is a (high-speed) braked, fully suspended trailer unit that works with your 4×4 pickup, transforming it into a high end, professional de-icing solution.

Product Features


The PDS354RB allows for high speed travel between sites (up to 60mph – normal road speeds), and is therefore ideal for winter maintenance contractors or for use by organisations who need to cover multiple sites in one gritting or salt spreading session.


The PDS354RB has a 585 litres capacity (675-750kg depending on moisture content) of road/rock salt. 

Ready to go at a moments notice, the PDS354RB is quick to deploy at the first signs of bad weather!


The PDS354RB dramatically reduces the time needed to complete gritting tasks, when compared to the manual alternative of spreading salt or grit using shovels.


The PDS354RB Salt Spreader is particularly suited to Winter Maintenance Contractors, Landscape Contractors, Car Parks, Retail Parks, Distribution Hubs, Local Authorities etc.

The De-Mount PDS354D version is also available.

Standard Features

585 litre hopper capacity


Unique agitation system


Floor conveyor system


5.5hp Honda engine


1.5-14m spread (dependent on engine speed and pulley selection)


Can cast salt to left or right


Easy to adjust sluice gate regulates flow


Strong construction – built to last


Stainless Steel hopper and peripherals


Handles rock salt even when wet


50mm swivel tow hitch


Suspension with over-run brakes


Mudguards and lighting


‘Type approved’ by the VCA for full road use


De-mount model


Tonneau cover


Flashing beacon


Clevis or ring hitch options

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