The Logic PDS (power drive spreader) Salt Spreader range has all the same design features and benefits as the GDS range but with additional features as follows:

An onboard 5.5hp petrol engine – this unit drives the rolling floor and gear box to the spreader disc.

An option of either a (high-speed) braked, fully suspended trailer unit or de-mount unit to fit into 4×4 pick-ups, flat bed transits, trailer, etc. 

These two options allow high speed travelling between sites (up to 60mph – normal road speeds), so are ideal for contractor use or for use by organisations who need to cover multiple sites in one gritting or salt spreading session.

Either unit has a 585 litres capacity (675-750kg depending on moisure content) of road/rock salt. 

The PDS has application rates of between 5 – 80 grams/sq metre. The PDS can spread salt from 1.5 – 14 metres which is variable through the adjusting the rpm of the engine as well as selecting the appropriate drive pulley option from the two available.

The unit can spread the salt to the left or right meaning that it can spread salt underneath parked cars.

The unit has remote control which allows the operator to switch the unit on whilst in motion. It is built to be robust and long-lasting, even taking into account the corrosive nature of road salt which can cause other salt spreaders to stop working.

Simplicity of design and operation with standard maintenance (no special tools) ensures a trouble free and long life.

It is very quick to deploy for winter gritting jobs at the first signs of bad weather!

The PDS354RB dramatically reduces the time needed to complete gritting tasks, when compared to the manual alternative of spreading salt or grit using shovels.

Standard Features

585 litre hopper capacity

Unique agitation system

Floor conveyor system

5.5hp Honda engine

1.5-14m spread width (dependent on engine speed and pulley selection)

Can cast salt to left or right

Easy to adjust sluice gate regulates flow

Strong construction – built to last

Stainless Steel hopper and peripherals

Handles rock salt even when wet


Tonneau cover

Flashing beacon

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